• The Genmega Onyx ATM Machine

The Genmega Onyx ATM Machine is an upgrade from the Genmega G2500 base model ATM.  The upgrades include more a modern looking appearance, larger display, and touch function keys.  The Genmega Onyx ATM is a good choice for any retail ATM environment. With a modern appearance and a feature set sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology including EMV, ADA, and PCI. Whether in a hotel, club or gas station, the Onyx ATM will stand out in a location while still looking financial to encourage transactions.

Boasting a 10.2 wide screen, or an optional 12” touch screen, a security reflective front, and touch keypad, the Onyx provides the future of ATM technology. The strong cabinet, tough exterior and security enhancements, however, make it durable enough for any location. An optional 3” printer upgrade allows for graphics and couponing to complete a full ATM product offering.

With all of the cassette options the Onyx is a flexible solution to meet a locations needs. The Onyx supports all Genmega CDUs and other manufacturer as well, giving a wide variety of dispenser options to tailor the solution to the location.

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The Genmega Onyx ATM Machine

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