• SBC-110 UV  Floor Model Suction Type Bill Counter

SBC-110 UV  Floor Model Suction Type Bill Counter

Applications & Features

Applicable for counting, batching, adding and verifying banknotes, securities, bills, etc.

The integrated vacuum pump ensures low noise level, small mechanical wear and high reliability.

The transmission mechanism for note holder is optimized; the traditional mechanical positioning is replaced by electronic positioning.

The automatic rectification of the pressure device makes it applicable to all kinds of paper notes and plastic notes.

Advanced anti-interference electronic circuits designs.

The built-in dust collector and automatic sound and dust-proof door ensure a healthful working environment.

There is no need of frequent maintenance and rectification while high accuracy is guaranteed.

Functions & Specifications

Verifying: If the count does not match 100, the holder automatically locks to alert the operator of a discrepancy.

Batching: Counting automatically stops when batch number that is from 1 to 150 has been reached.

Adding: The machine will add each successive counting result of bundled or unbundled notes.

Free counting: All notes in the holder are counted and the holder will return to its initial position.

Buzzing Alarm: If a discrepancy occurs or the selected batch number has been reached, the alarm will sound

Optional Functions: The two-direction adjustable stamping device and UV counterfeit detection are optional to customers.


Counting Speed:            100 notes/4 seconds

Display:                   4 digit LED display

                          3 digit LED batch display

Holder capacity:   150 notes

Dimensions:                380 × 320 × 870mm

Weight:                    50kg

Power Supply:              110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ

Countable Documents Size:   60 × 90mm — 97 × 300mm

Power Consumption (max):    560W

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SBC-110 UV Floor Model Suction Type Bill Counter

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